Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution – Revolutionary? Or Not?

If you’re looking for a new turn-based strategy game, we’re talking about Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution. This little title is all about an Acorn tax gone bad, raising your own army, and overthrowing a king… So that’s part of the story behind it, but what’s the rest of the story?

How can you start playing, and are there any cool “secrets” or strategies that you should know about? Welcome to my preview of the Ultimate or maybe Not-So-Ultimate, Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution.

Story Mode:

As it fittingly is, AARR (for short) starts you off in the middle of an unfair acorn tax. I know. I told you it was fitting.

The game has 5 bosses and 25 levels.

When the king of the town, King Lous the Umpteenth issues an unfair acorn tax and a rebel-squirrel refuses to pay, the Revolution begins… That’s the impression I received, anyway.

Brief Strategy and How to Play:

The game is setup on a 6×4 board on both sides of the field (unsure if this grows later) with settings that range from waterfalls and castles, to rural areas and homes. Your goal is to raise an army of squirrels by using acorns (money) to buy your soldiers.

You can place 3 soldier-squirrels next to each other, and make one powerful one. This has been compared to ‘kinging’ your piece in a game of checkers. More powerful squirrels have more health, and can perform stronger attacks.

Throughout your turn, there are a number of number of different moves that you can make to create a more powerful squirrel-army.

You can use Power Ups to make a more powerful armed forces unit!

Increase your Strength
Increase your Defense
Increase your health

You can choose to place more squirrel soldiers on the board along with sandbags and barrels for soldier protection. Since all attacks are horizontal-based attacks, it’s preferable to place your protection in front of whatever it is you don’t want attacked.

I know. Simple.

You can complete your turn by choosing to attack the tyrant king (probably at the end of the game) and his evil army of other squirrel soldiers, or by performing the Power Up moves we discussed earlier.

The game is over once you or your opponent’s health bar reaches zero.

After you conquer the Tyrant King and beat AARR you can take the game online with your friends. I couldn’t imagine the game taking more than a few hours a day and 1 week to beat. That’s only my best bet.


AARR is a an ‘OK’ game graphically. The game has beautiful colors and well-defined edges. The cartoon-style to the game suits it well… Then you get to the closeups of the squirrels. They’re boxy and very “N64 era.” It’s okay, but is a full reminder that you are really just playing a $10 game. To me, this is a disappointment.

Overall Rating?

You should be able to get a good 25 – 50 hours into the without feeling too repetitive. The fact that you can play with your friends is nice, but due to the (IMO) repetitive nature of the game, this one will be set down by most after a month or less of play.

In my book, the Rodent Revolution may just not be so revolutionary getting a 2.5 / 5 stars.


1. Can you play this title online with friends? Yes.

2. What type of game is this? This is a strategy, turn-based game that could easily be turned into a board game that you could play at home. (Although, I don’t think that will happen any time soon.)

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